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My Life as of September 2008

Name: Zachary G. Williams

I graduated from The George Washington University Law School in May, and took the Virginia Bar Exam in July. I'm currently in full-time job search mode.

Continuing with the curricula vitae, I graduated from Davidson College in 2005 with a degree in Political Science.

Before entering GW Law, I took a short summer break from school and went back home to Atlanta. My interim job was as a Barista at Starbucks in Vinings (I worked at an NC Starbucks last summer). It kinda sucked and my allegiances will always be to Summit, the independent coffee shop in Davidson, but I guess it's cool knowing how to make all these espresso drinks, albeit in the context of Starbucks' corporate propaganda (no i'm not a hippie, a communist, or one of those anti-globalization on).

Since i've already broached the topic, politics continues to somehow attract my interest in a big way. I could go into a drawn out explanation of my ideology, but to make it simple, i'll just say I'm a very very moderate conservative. When it comes to elections, this usually makes me one of those rare "undecideds" for most of the campaign season.

At Davidson, I continued my jazz saxophone work from high school. I was extremely lucky to be part of one of the nation's best high school jazz bands at Lovett and in college, I continued my jazz career with the comparably lackluster Davidson big band. I also was fortunate enough to record albums and gig with a small jazz quartet in college as well. It's hard to predict where, if anywhere, my music playing future will go from here. Regardless, I'm still a huge jazz aficionado, and I relish the rare opportunities to talk about and listen to jazz with others who share my love for this forgotten music genre.

In college I put in a fair amount of work with the student newspaper, The Davidsonian, even rising to the role of Managing Editor Senior year. Since college especially, this blog has been my writing outlet.

Besides music, books, newspapers, and a few magazines such as The Atlantic Monthly, I occupy much of my leisure time on sports in one way or another. During most of the year, I find myself constantly attempting to improve my fantasy baseball or football team as if its success somehow is an indispensable indicator of my intelligence. Beyond attending games and watching them on TV, I am a complete addict of the Madden video game. I am invariably a less happy person during the NFL off-season.

I expect this blog to take on a new theme as I become more and more entrenched in the legal world. Hopefully my writing won't suffer as a result.