> New Years Eve 2007

Me and Anna
Dan and Gabi Eating
Getting Dressed
So Charming
Gabi, Nicole, Dave
This Could Have Been a Good Pic, Man
Nich and Me
Nicole and Dave in NYC
Nicole's Happy!
SPE Eyes
Me, Dan, Nicole
Nice, Dude
Nicole on New Years
Dan's Interested
Dan Tells Gabi He's Cool
Nich is Gay.
Deja Vu from NYE 2006
"David, Not in Public!"
Dan and Gabi
Tryin to Hold it Together
Nicole and Me
This Doesn't Look Spontaneous
Dave and Nicole
Dave, Nicole, Dan
So Smiley
Dave is Pretty Bombed I Think
Dave, Nich, Gabi
Awww, Dave Crow
Who's Dan Pointing At?
Did They Just Kiss?
Can't Figure This One Out
That's Usually Nich's Pose
Nich and Dan, NYC
So Cute
Dave is Wasted
SPE Eyes?
Gabi's Not Feelin Dave's Photo-Taking Obsession
Anna Happy
Nich and Anna Again
Nich's So Suave
Anna having fun
Nich and Anna
Dave Crow is Drunk
The Classic Dan Drunk Look
Closeup of Me
Dan's serious